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Standing in Solidarity with Standing Rock

Water is Sacred ~ Water is Life

We are Powerful When We Stand Together!!! 

A small group of us are heading out to Standing Rock bringing much needed supplies and to Stand in Solidarity with our Lakota Brothers & Sisters as they protect our water from the DAPL Pipeline.

For hundreds of years Native American Rights have been ignored and their Sacred Land desecrated. Native Americans are our first environmentalists.. they believe that we are one with Mother Nature and that Water is Sacred. 

Sisters for Peace is honored to be heading out to Standing Rock on Tuesday, Nov, 22!  Yes, that is less than a week away. We plan to be there for Thanksgiving Day to honor the Native American Culture and their Love for Mother Earth.

They are in desperate need of winter supplies, as they prepare for the winter ahead. Here is a list of the supplies needed:   We are focusing on the some of the "Top Needs" and want to purchase winter tents and small camp wood stoves, and subzero sleeping bags, hand warmers & feet warmers.  Once we are there we will set camp and do supplies runs to town buying needed supplies like food, bottled water, fire wood, winter gear.  

To see where we are going and learn about the camp and the DAPL Pipeline visit:

In Peace & Solidarity,

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